Sunday, 11 March 2012

Welcome friends and stampers alike. I am very proud of myself for starting my very first blog...Yippie! Hopefully I will figure all this "bloggeriffic bliss" out as I'm such a newbie at any help would be MUCH appreciated!

I'm a huge card making fanatic and love getting together with our stamping group to sit back, relax and stamp to our hearts content. I colour all my images with gamsol and "stubbies", as I like to call them. This technique gives the images a beautiful watercolour effect. Can't wait to show you all the lovely creations I can stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by and I will have some fabulous cards posted soon :)

Thanks a bunch, Lindsay


  1. Excellent! Welcome to the blogging world - can't wait to see your cards!!

  2. Yeah Lindsay Leslie finally got you to start a blog - look forward to seeing your creations!!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful cards. Congrats.